TiVo FF Ads in Circulation?

A few people (allegedly) on the tivo community forum and over at pvrblog have noted overlayed “banner” ads when fast forwarding their TiVo’s

Not sure what I’m rambling on about previous TiVo banner ad coverage and TiVo No Longer (entirely) skipping “commercials”

Although it may have just been a test run of the banner ad:
This is an update since I suggested the original post: about an hour after I sent in the post, the ads on my Tivo stopped. I haven’t been able to get them to reappear since so I could snap a picture. This must have been another test of some sort.

Although this won’t stop me from pausing/fast forwarding later tonight to see what’s doing on my series 2 TiVo.

adrants coverage | another tivo community thread looks like it even accidently displays during non-commercial content! Hopefully that’s a bug (hopefully the whole thing is a bug) Link to official tivo customer support page

read more for a larger image of the banner ad via cpen’s post on tivo community forum