Preliminary Linux IVTV Driver Support for PVR150 & PVR500!

Whoot! Although it is a preliminary release, there’s encouraging news that the linux folks will be able to use the cheaper Hauppauge WinTV PVR150 with mythTV/Linux!! Good job Ulf, Chris Kennedy, and anyone else that pitched in on coding, documenting, experimenting, testing, etc this frequently asked for linux tuner/encoder driver in the IVTV project

Here’s a copy of Ulf’s message on the IVTV-Dev mailing list

“Here is a patch for ivtv-0.3.2a, that enables audio and PAL tuner support.

It is not finished in any sense, but since there is a lot of activity about the 150 cards on the mailing list a though that I should share it in its current state.

If you use this driver. I urge you to donate $10 or more to the Asian earthquake and tsunamis victims through the Red Cross organization.

Please see the doc/README.cx25840 file for usage information.

The patch can be downloaded from:

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