Media Portal 0.1.09 Released

Media Portal, the very cool open source windows media portal/PVR solution, has released version 0.1.09

My TV : Many fixes for multi-tuner and single tuner setups
My TV : added radio support for DVB-s/C/T and analog capture cards
My News : increased maximum number of feeds to 100
General : MP now keeps a backup of the log file and mediaportal.xml file
General : added key lookup in list views
General : now respond to y/n keys
My TV : speeded up my tv/recorded tv which was very slow
My TV : free-diskspace management for recordings
My TV : faster tvosd/zaposd
My TV : added list view to recorded tv
My TV : added default channel group ‘all channels’
My TV : fixed crash using MSN and fullscreen tv
Setup : map radio channels to specific cards
Setup : fixed EPG grabber for DVB-S/C/T
Setup : fixed wizards
Setup : added options for free-diskspace management
Setup : edit shoutcast channel searching when you add a new radio channel
Setup : integrated SS2 setup with the rest of the tv settings
My Pictures:better picture zooming

news via HTPCnews

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