BYOPVR in Hartford Courant: Build Your Own PC-Based TV Recorder

We made the Hartford Courant today!

Check it out: Build Your Own PC-Based TV Recorder

It’s more a “local boy makes geek” angle than a howto, but it’s an interesting read none the less (of course *I* think so because it’s about me!)

With the availability of digital video recorders such as Tivo for as little as $100, you might wonder why anyone would bother building such a device from scratch. Pettersen said there are several motivations.

One is flexibility; consumers who make their own recorders can build to suit themselves. Some might favor extra-large hard drives for spacious storage. Others might lean toward wireless connectivity or some other feature. Still others want to store photos, music and other data. Whatever the goal, the PC can be molded to achieve it.

“It’s a little bit like hot-rodding a car,” Pettersen said. “Anything you could think of adding in there, you can.”

UPDATE: If you’re visiting the site for the first time via the article:

First, Welcome! Second, here are a few links to get you started:

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