Broadcast Flag on Steroids (again!) and The Analog Hole Closing Legislation

Some Scary Halloween Broadcast Flag/Analog Hole legislation has come to D.C.

“Here’s what the proposed law says, in a nutshell:

Every consumer analog video input device manufactured in the United States will be, within a year, forced to obey not one, but two new copy restriction technologies: a watermarking system called VEIL, and a rights system called CGMS-A (we’ve covered CGMS-A before; we’ll talk a bit more about VEIL soon). “

EFF “blog” entry with the broadcast flag scoop

Original EFF broadcast flag page and here’s a PDF of the draft of the legislation… it’s been nicknamed “Broadcast Flag on Steroids” 🙁

Choice quote from Cory@BoingBoing This is like the Broadcast Flag on steroids. The Broadcast Flag only covered TV receivers. This covers everything with an analog video input. If this had been around in 1976, the VCR would have been illegal. Today, it would ban Mythtv, every tuner-card in the market, and boxes like ElGato’s eyeTV the Slingbox and the Orb and the vPod. This is a proposal to turn huge classes of technology into something that exists only at the sufferance of the studios.

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